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About Us

Arcadia Outfitters is a travel and lifestyle brand that was forged from the love of the outdoors and the beauty of Northern Michigan.  This brand is the culmination of a lifelong journey for each of us exploring and adventuring through the beautiful landscapes on the shores of Lake Michigan.  The reason we started is because we are crazy about the beauty of Northwest Michigan and the thrill of seeking out new experiences wherever you are.  We love this place and want to share our passion through graphic representation.  
Austin is our lead graphics specialist.  He takes all of our ideas and turns them into reality.  He is an architect by trade, but grew up vacationing in Northwest Michigan for most of his life.  His artistic abilities are truly impressive and allow our brand to shine.  He loves to travel internationally and is currently studying overseas, but always loves coming back to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.
Jason is the driving force behind Arcadia Outfitters and it was his initial brainchild.  His love for Northern Michigan and for the outdoors is what prompted the formation of the brand.  Jason currently lives in Chicago, but frequently goes on outdoor excursions to the mountainous Western United States as well as the Northern Midwest.
Ian is a jack of all trades for the brand.  He helps with the creative process and design ideas.  He also helps with social media and advertising.  Ian grew up vacationing in Northern Michigan as well and fell in love with the area from a young age.  Ian currently resides in Davenport, Iowa and frequently adventures with Jason in the mountains of the Western US.