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Summer's Over

Hey all!

It's Ian back again for another blog post/musing about up North living.  This time of year brings such a mix of emotions for everyone.  School is starting back up and the burden of responsibilities seems to come back as there are no more family vacations or trips to look forward to, and that care free Summer attitude fades into the background.  Although this time of year can be distressing, it can also be a great time to reflect. This is the perfect time to look back through your photos of this summers adventures and reminisce.  It's also a great time to look forward to the challenges and goals of the coming months.

As the summer comes to a close I look back to the beginning of the season and memorial day weekend when Jason, Austin, and myself officially opened this brand and how nervous and excited we all were.  The goals we set ahead of ourselves (some met, some not) and the outpouring of support from our friends and family is something that I and cherishing from these past few months.  Trying to grow the brand and figure out which designs and material work and which don't.  Also the pure joy that we all feel seeing you all wearing our gear and showing off northwest Michigan with pride! There have been highs and lows, some set backs, but all in all this adventure has been rewarding and exciting.

Now looking forward to the challenges of the future and the goals we have set forth for ourselves here at Arcadia Outfitters.  With the changes of the season so too we change our brand and have added brand ambassadors (look for their profiles in the coming months).  We are working hard on adding more products for the changing seasons.  Long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, collegiate color repping, and much more.  Keep a look out for old school felt pennants for our favorite lake shore towns in NW Michigan as well as tin cup camping mugs and maybe even some copper mule mugs!  

Another change that we are both excited and sad about is the departure of Austin from the United States!  He has been accepted to school in the UK and although he will still be working for the brand his presence will be missed. Since he will be concentrating on school, his work load with us will be limited and with that we are beginning to search for a new partner to help us spread the word about our brand, Arcadia, and our love for the North and the outdoors!

We are also excited to welcome some of our new Brand Ambassadors! James Maier, Lizzie Murphy, Josh Yonker, Alayna Kersten, and Jess Jeffries! They are gonna be working with us to spread the word about Arcadia Outfitters! We hope to be adding more ambassadors in the upcoming months so if you or someone you know is a big fan of our products let us know!

All in all the summer has been a wild ride and filled with excitement!  As the seasons change so do we and with the new products we're working on rolling out and the addition of new staff we're extremely optimistic for the future!  As the weather gets cooler and the football tailgates start we've got you covered with hoodies, crew necks, long sleeve T's, and knit hats. We'd also love to hear from you if you have any ideas for new products you'd like to see us offer. 

Be on the lookout for future blog posts on our new brand ambassadors, new products, and our recent photo shoot trip to Banff, Alberta!  Best of luck to all the students starting the new school year!  To all of us in the working world, don't get too caught up in your job and get outside and explore this fall!