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Hello everyone,


It's Ian here back again for a long over due blog post from us here at Arcadia Outfitters.  I'm making this blog post as someone working from the healthcare front lines.  Many of you may not know this, but this isn't any of our full time jobs.  My full time job is as a healthcare worker in an Emergency Department.  So as I'm writing this, it's from a place of concern and also from someone who is very in the know as to what going on from a healthcare standpoint.  We hope that everyone out there is staying safe and unfortunately, staying away from your loved ones.  These are some extremely trying times that we're living in currently.  It's downright scary out there.  Not only because of this virus, but also because of how much animosity and fear we have for one another.  These are times where we need to pull together for humanity. Zion Landscape

One of the ways we can help protect ourselves and our loved ones is to socially distance ourselves.  Stay 6 feet apart and enjoy each others company from a distance.  We're lucky we live in a time where video chatting is so common and so many people have the capability of doing just that!  I know it's hard not being able to give your mom and dad a hug, or kiss grandma on the cheek, but we need to be strong in this time so that we can enjoy the future with them by our sides.  They were strong for us when they raised us and now it's time for us to be strong for them!

Another way to help our community is donating money, if you have it, to your local food bank.  Many people are getting furloughed or laid off and this makes getting food for themselves and their families harder and harder to come by.  If you have the means at this time, we implore you to make a monetary donation to your local food bank to help so many that need such things at this time. You can find a local food bank by clicking here.  The reason they ask for money is so that they can purchase fresh produce for families in need and not just give out your 5 year old can of beans that you really don't think you'll ever eat.Zion Valley

Finally, please please please find ways to help your local healthcare facilities.  As someone who currently works full time in the hospital I am seeing how much we are scrambling to find certain equipment to help protect our healthcare workers.  If you are one of those people who went out and bought 50 N95 masks when this all started I implore you to please donate a majority of them.  If you have the skills to sew masks most hospital systems are accepting them.  You can click HERE for specific instructions on how to make a mask.  Also consider donating disinfecting wipes and non-latex rubber gloves if you have them.  We need your help with protection of front line medical workers during this time, because if they get sick then they can't help us when we get sick!

This is an unprecedented time in human history and it's scary, but there are things we can do to help those around us!  Socially distance, help donate to your local food pantry, and consider donating to your local healthcare facility.  Unprecedented times call for unprecedented human compassion and togetherness.  We can and will get through this, and on the other side we will be stronger for it and have a new appreciation for the touch of a loved one, the food on our tables, and the health that we have. In the meantime have hope, love hard, and if your local state official allows it, get outside and soak up this beautiful springtime weather! 


With Love,

Arcadia Outfitters Crew