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Beachside Bicycle

Hey Everyone!

It's Ian again coming at you with another blog post! We were recently asked by a customer about the inspiration behind our Bicycle design t-shirts and I thought it would be a great idea to elaborate the stories and history behind its design. We have two bicycle design T's, one of which is a tandem and one a classic beach cruiser.

Whether it's a penny farthing, road bike or your brothers old mongoose, every child's first glimpse into independence is learning how to ride a bike. With this new found knowledge and independence, is the gravitation towards those who you identify with. It's no longer who is most convenient for Mom and Dad to meet up with. You are now able to take your bike and meet up with your true blue friends! As we get older we get our drivers license and get a car. We drive ourselves to work and school and other such obligations and our bikes are soon left behind.

When I go to Arcadia and the sanctuary of Northwestern Michigan, I'm taken back to a time where there is no rush. A time where feeling the fresh lake breeze flowing into your face is more important than any deadline can be. The freedom and anticipation that come with peddling your way to the nearest beach or bonfire is well worth the extra minutes it's takes to get there.

I've learned throughout my time up north that the camaraderie experienced during these rides is worth more than gold. One such instance was my ride to public beach, one of many, with one of my closest friend's tandem bicycle. The teamwork, long talks, and shared laughs during these rides through the years have fueled an incredible friendship that will last a lifetime! We here at Arcadia Outfitters believe that these instances are what make Northwest Michigan so great and we hope we capture such moments and memories with our designs.

I know I'm getting quite nostalgic with this post, but I think that's the point. The connection between the bicycle and our innocent past is something to cherish. It's something that makes Northwest Michigan so special. This reason and many more are why this brand was founded! The connection to our past and those memorable times when we had nothing better to do than calling up our friends and meeting up for a ride is something to never forget. Special enough to commemorate on a t-shirt. We hope that you get this feeling too when you see this design on one of our shirts.

So if you agree then put your kickstand up and start-a-peddlin'. We'd love if you supported through a purchase of a bicycle shirt, but it's not necessary. The true gift is that this blog post reaches you at such a level that you're inspired enough to either break out the old bike or consider buying one at the next sale. This independence day we hope you're inspired by your previously found independence of the bicycle, and if you're so inclined, the tandem. Get out there and RIDE ON!!!

Happy 4th,

The Arcadia Outfitters Team