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Arcadia Outfitters - The Beginning

Hello everyone this is Ian writing on behalf of everyone here at Arcadia Outfitters,

I personally would like to thank you all so very much for coming to visit our store! What an incredible past two weeks it has been since officially opening the online store. The outpouring of love and support from everyone has been so uplifting and encouraging! On that same note the wave of different emotions that we, as "entrepreneurs" opening our very first company has been incredible too!

We first started with this idea about a year ago as a small "what if?" in the back of our minds! What if we could create a brand that reflects our love of Arcadia, MI and it's neighboring communities? What if we could make something that would remind people of this special place? So we talked about it with friends and family and finally around October of 2017 began hashing out the details, and believe me there are a LOT of details! Fortunately, when you're passionate about something, or in our case, someplace you put in the work necessary to try and make a brand you and everyone else can be proud of. We hope that our products remind you of all the great things about Northwest Michigan and takes you back every time you wear one.

We're still learning and will have a lot of "aha" moments along the way. We ask that you stay patient with us throughout this learning process and know that we are always very interested in your feedback and constructive criticism.  We made this brand for you, and a little selfishly for us too.  Stay tuned for future products and ideas.  We look forward to growing with you and hope that whatever you get from us today will bring you back further down the line.

Thank You,

The Arcadia Outiftters Team