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Summer Vacation in the UP

What's up everyone?  It's Ian writing you another blog post with something completely awesome and exciting that I wanted to share with y'all! A summer vacation idea that's sure to please everyone in your family! I know that this whole COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on everyone's plans this summer.  Summer camp has been cancelled and airplane trips seem a bit too much risk at the moment.  Luckily, here in the Midwest we have a gem of a vacation spot right in our backyard.  Something that's got a spot for every adventure style.  What I'm talking about is a road trip up to the Upper Peninsula, Michigan! I just took a week off to do this road trip and...

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Hello everyone,   It's Ian here back again for a long over due blog post from us here at Arcadia Outfitters.  I'm making this blog post as someone working from the healthcare front lines.  Many of you may not know this, but this isn't any of our full time jobs.  My full time job is as a healthcare worker in an Emergency Department.  So as I'm writing this, it's from a place of concern and also from someone who is very in the know as to what going on from a healthcare standpoint.  We hope that everyone out there is staying safe and unfortunately, staying away from your loved ones.  These are some extremely trying times that we're living in...

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Falling into Fall

Hello Everyone, It's Ian back again with another blog.  The weather is finally starting to shift more towards the fall.  Days are getting shorter, trees are starting to change colors, and the coffee shops are starting to once again make pumpkin spice lattes!  This is also great news because the Michigan apple season is in full swing!  Honeycrisp is my personal favorite.  With the shorter days comes cooler nights and more time for sitting by the fireside glow feeling the warmth emanating from the cheerily crackling logs and watching the glowing embers as the fire slowly dies. With the revelation of fall and and all these sights, sounds, and feelings we're introducing a new design featuring a fire ring in...

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Beachside Bicycle

Hey Everyone! It's Ian again coming at you with another blog post! We were recently asked by a customer about the inspiration behind our Bicycle design t-shirts and I thought it would be a great idea to elaborate the stories and history behind its design. We have two bicycle design T's, one of which is a tandem and one a classic beach cruiser. Whether it's a penny farthing, road bike or your brothers old mongoose, every child's first glimpse into independence is learning how to ride a bike. With this new found knowledge and independence, is the gravitation towards those who you identify with. It's no longer who is most convenient for Mom and Dad to meet up with. You...

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